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Do you happen to know why E.den left? I heard something about him going back to Canada to study. Which most likely means he got fed up with Nega’s inability to promote them properly =_=

I know as much as you. All I heard was that he went back to Canada to go to school. That’s it.

It’s a shame that Nega took a million years to give them a comeback. They really are a talented group. 

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It makes me ridiculously sad that it’s just the four of them now tho ;_;

I am sad that E.Den left. Rasa will be back though! So they won’t be four forever. 

I’m just happy that they are back and doing something. I really was worried they would never come back. And they are way way too talented to just disappear like that. ;n;

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LC9….I am so damn impressed

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[MV] 에덴의 동쪽 (East of Eden)

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Drawing on the tiny faces is so hard.

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Best laugh of Sandeul 

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I recently reached my next hundred followers, so as a thank you to you all for sticking around I’m hosting another give away!

There will be 2 winners who will receive either a digital portrait or a coloured digital drawing of one person/character.

-I’m happy to draw fanart, OCs, original stuff (pretty much anything besides gore or anything super NSFW)

-You can reblog this post as much as you like, but please don’t spam your followers. I won’t be counting likes but you can like the post for reference if you want.

-This is a give away for my followers so it goes without saying that you need to be following me. 

-I will be drawing the winners by random number generator at
5pm Monday August 4th.

That’s 5pm local time for me here in New Zealand (GMT +12) You can use this handy dandy time zone converter to work out when that will be for you!

Thank you guys again for following me! Its really great to see that so many people like my drawings!

6 days left!

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